Fountain House Artists Talk Art, Mental Health, and Inspiration



In honor of International Artist Day, we asked Fountain House artists to share their experiences with being an artist.



How has art impacted your life and your mental health?


"Art gave my soul a window" - Sami Ayala


"Art has always been a refuge for me. When life turns cruel, which it will do, art has always been kind, forgiving, and life affirming." - Issa Ibrahim (@issaibrahim065)


"My mental health is soothed. It's my favorite way to find meaning in my innermost distressed thoughts." - Race Charlton


"Art has helped me with my PTSD and also with ADHD. Doing art slows my brain and gives me some peace and rest." - Christine Albane (@christinealbane)


"Making art keeps me alive." - Angela Rogers (@angelajrogers)


"I find that I am able to paint how I feel more than I am able to talk about my feelings." - Tzu Moy


"My art allows me to see I have high self value when my schizophrenia tells me otherwise." - Anthony Newton (@anthonynewtonart45)


"I turn daily to my art work when I feel misunderstood by those around me. My portfolio is my archives of my truth, subconscious and essence of my core." - Mx. Enigma (@mx.enigma)


"Art making has raised my level of awareness and ability to enjoy!" - Guiomar Giraldo-Baron (@guiomargiraldobaron)


"Art impacted my mental health and my life since it was a way to cope and understand I wasn't alone." - Alisha Sanchez (@la_latina_artista)


"Art has impacted my mental health tremendously." - Reyna Miller




What is your favorite part about being an artist?


"My favorite part is the ability to not only express myself, but also be able to work on something with such strength that I can break down the walls and confusion that are mainstays of my mental illness." - Jasmine Stobbe (@jasminestobbe)


"My favorite part is that I get to create, create, create! I create my world, my success, my future! I create joy and I create peace! I create myself!!!" - Eva Tortora


"It makes me happy, folks happy, and that's really what life's all about." - Rich Courage (@richcourage)


"My favorite part is being in the moment or the zone, I like to call it. I am a conduit for creation and the artworks just happen effortlessly. It is bliss." - Denis Letar


"Being an artist gives my life meaning." - Alyson Vega (@alyfiberartist)


"The power of art and the connection with others it affords me is priceless." - Susan Spangenberg (@straitjacketsusan)


"I love creating jewelry because it is fun and brings people joy." - Debra Nevin (@nevindeb)




What inspired you to be an artist?


"Being an artist has been a part of my entire life. It is invigorating and it channels my energy into creativity and positivity." - Judith Berman (@jmischellberman)


"I wanted to be an artist since I was 5 years old. I was inspired because I have 5 sisters, hence I started to draw girls as friends and sisters." - Jenny Chan (@jennynicolechan)


"I am born an artist. It is my way of life. A balancing act between gift and curse." - Denis Letar


"Being an artist isn't much of a choice. Creativity stems in our blood. Becoming an artist is an active anguishing journey one must pursue." - Mx. Enigma (@mx.enigma)


"My inspiration for being an artist was first inspired by comic book artists Jack Kirby, John Buscema, Johnny Romita and Curt Swan. It was further influenced by Master painters Rembrandt, Velazquez, and so many others." - George Penon Cassallo 


"Art is something I do for myself and for others." - Tzu Moy



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