• Our People

    For this group show, the artists were asked to think about what community means to them in a time of deep division. Learn More
  • Inside / Outside

    In collaboration with The Plaxall Gallery, FHG artists were inspired to share their own experiences and perspectives of living with mental illness. View Artwork
  • A Kingdom in Pieces

    This community display features animals from the teaching collection of the American Folk Art Museum and works by FHG artists. View Exhibit
  • Outsider Art Fair

    Couldn't make the Outsider Art Fair? You can still view the drawings and fiber works from our booth by clicking the link! View Artwork
  • Buy Art from Fountain House Gallery Artists on Artsy

    FHG provides an environment in which artists living with mental illness can express their creative visions and exhibit their work. Shop

Fountain House Gallery provides an environment for artists living and working with mental illness to pursue their creative visions and to challenge the stigma that surrounds mental illness.

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Fountain House Gallery recently organized an evening trip to view our artists’ work at two Long Island City locations: The Citigroup Building and Fountain House Studio.
Fountain House Gallery has participated in the annual Outsider Art Fair for more than a decade, and we continued the tradition at this year’s Fair.
This contemporary multimedia exhibition comprises works drawn from traditional fiber practices as well as innovative new methods of working with familiar materials.
“Mad About Art,” Fountain House Gallery’s Annual Art Auction and Benefit, took place on November 13, 2018, at the venue Metropolitan West. The evening was a rollicking success, artistically and financially.
Super Supper triptych (panel 3) by Issa Ibrahim 2012 acrylic on canvas • "The artist Issa Ibrahim appears to Superman’s left as, Robin The Boy Wonder, holding his nose for the implied stench of junk food flatulence and as comical commentary on the state of the world, and the art world specifically. Can having a meal with friends before a major event, real or imagined, give us comfort? Can close confidantes reel in the unhealthy greed of a powerful leader while salvation hangs in the balance?" • On view now at 702 9th Avenue and 48th Street. #fountainhousegallery . . . . . . #ourpeople #community #super #supper #triptych #painting #curator #ruthadams #superheroes #artist #art #artwork #dc #comics

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