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Fountain House Gallery provides an environment for artists living and working with mental illness to pursue their creative visions and to challenge the stigma that surrounds mental illness.

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Artists, friends, and supporters turned out in force for the opening of Small Works: $100 and Under to have a first look at the dazzling array of mini-artworks, sized at 6 by 6 inches or less.
Domicile is a contemporary survey of painting, sculpture, photography and mixed-media works engaging with our intrinsic, insistent relationship to the idea of Home.
June 7th was “event night” at Fountain House Gallery and Fountain House. On this balmy, breezy evening, the group exhibition Oasis: Exploring Central Parkopened at the Gallery, preceded by the annual “Summer in the Garden” event at Fountain House.
Fountain House Gallery celebrated Mental Health Awareness Month (May) with a variety of activities – at the Gallery’s home base on Ninth Avenue and in the wider community.
“Outsider Art Fair and Fountain House Gallery continuing great work breaking down the walls between insider art and so-called “outsider art.” . Thrilled, humbled, and honored to be given a shout-out in #fountainhousegallery supporter @jerrysaltz’s 10 Best Art Shows of 2018 article. *link in bio* . We are ready to make bigger splashes in the coming year, starting with the @outsiderartfair in January, so stay tuned! . . . . . #outsiderart #outsider #art #artists #artmaking #jerrysaltz #fountainhouse #hellskitchen #community #oaf2019 #article #vulture

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