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    The French word “flâneur” means a person who idles or strolls around. "We asked the artists to inhabit the role of flâneur themselves,... View Art
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    FHG provides an environment in which artists living with mental illness can express their creative visions and exhibit their work. Shop

Fountain House Gallery and Studio provides an environment where artists living with mental illness can express their creative visions, exhibit their work, and challenge the stigma that surrounds mental illness.

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Fountain House Gallery’s summer exhibition, The Flaneur, opened with a reception on Thursday, June 20th. This group show features works by 27 Gallery artists and spotlights a variety of art mediums.
I attended a lecture on Sunday, May 19th, 2019 called “Breaking Down” that was held in coordination with the exhibition “Talk Back” at Flux Factory in Long Island City.
Fountain House Gallery’s current group show, At the Table, explores a theme that is central to our lives: food.
Guiomar was among those honored with an invitation to show their designs at the recent IDENTITIES Fashion Show at Harvard University.
Drip Series 1 & 2 by @bryan.m.greene, 2019 Artist Bryan first preps by filling his squeeze bottles with the selection of colors he wants to work with. After hanging the canvas and adding a base color, Bryan begins making shapes on the top of the painting. The paint then drips and reaches the bottom of the canvas. Each layer has to dry before the next one can be added. He then fills in the shapes with a small paintbrush and some gold enamel paint. Bryan states, “Gravity and the viscosity of the paint are the keys to making these works. Gravity pulls the excess paint to the ground and the viscosity makes the paint fluid enough to interact with gravity.” #artmaking #studiopractice #fountainhousegallery

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