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    Original photographs that express and illustrate what Fountain House, Fountain House Gallery, and the surrounding neighborhood means to its members.... View Art
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    FHG provides an environment in which artists living with mental illness can express their creative visions and exhibit their work. Shop

Fountain House Gallery and Studio provides an environment where artists living with mental illness can express their creative visions, exhibit their work, and challenge the stigma that surrounds mental illness.

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Fountain House Gallery, the premier creative outlet for FH member-artists, has a studio in Long Island City, where these artists can create their wonders.
The 2020 Outsider Art Fair took place on January 16th through 19th at the Metropolitan Pavilion on West 18th Street in Manhattan.
Fountain House Gallery’s first exhibition of 2020 is We See You, which opened with a Reception on January 9.
On Thursday, November 21, 2019, nearly 400 attendees convened for Mad About Art, Fountain House Gallery’s 18th annual benefit event.
The Saks Fifth Avenue Foundation made its debut in the famed #Saks windows on Fifth Avenue in New York City with a special mural dedicated to mental health awareness, featuring the artwork of @fountainhousegallery artist Osvaldo Cruz. “Fountain House is proud to partner with the Saks Fifth Avenue Foundation on this incredible opportunity. Providing such a vibrant public platform for an artist living with mental illness in the creation of these displays shows the depth of commitment Saks has to changing the conversation around mental health. As nearly one in five U.S. adults experience mental illness, and as rates of addiction and suicide skyrocket, we need more leaders like Saks – across multiple industries – to partner with us to bring mental health challenges out of the shadows once and for all.” - Ashwin Vasan, M.D., Ph.D., President and CEO, Fountain House. The Saks Fifth Avenue Foundation windows will be on display until March 2, 2020 at 611 5th Ave, New York, NY.

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