Kristine Fox has had a passion for art and performance since childhood, when she would dance and sing to whatever was on the radio and was often punished for drawing in her schoolbooks. It wasn't until college that this passion became a vocation, resulting in an AA degree in Dance and a BA in Theatre Technology with a minor in Art. Kristine has continued these studies in less formal ways over the decades, studying fine art, art history, dance, costume design, and lighting for the theatre, from New Orleans to San Francisco and from Singapore to Ürümqi, China. She has taught drawing, dance, and acting at the preschool through university levels. Kristine worked as a Character Performer at Walt Disney World in the 1990s, in what she refers to as "the toughest job you'll ever love." She has also written and published a work of fiction entitled The Pet under the pen name "Kris Fox." Her current interests lie in creating found-items sculpture, utilizing used or discarded items to build workable furniture, music performance, costuming and cosplay, writing, and, of course, spending time with her perfect princess kitty, Ariel.



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