January 20, 2022

For our first exhibition of 2022, Fountain House Gallery artists have created a new way of dealing with our hopes, fears, and anxieties, conjuring visions that cannot be seen through telescopes or crystal balls. From apocalyptic nightmares to over-the-rainbow fantasies, the artworks in this show underscore the limits of politicians, scientists and astrologers to find a new way of envisioning imminent change.

Small Works: $100 and Under

November 4, 2021

For this year's Small Works show, Fountain House Gallery artists have created hundreds of original pieces sized at 6 in. x 6 in. or smaller and priced at $100 or less.


July 29, 2021

This show, featuring more than 30 works spotlighting water-related themes, celebrates the beauty, power, and mystery of this elemental force of nature.

Rigged Society/Organized Chaos

February 26, 2021

This exhibition, created by Fountain House Gallery artists Sasha P.W. and Don’aë Tate, showcases 40 artworks made both individually and in collaboration with each other.

Outsider Art Fair 2021

January 28, 2021

For this year’s Online Viewing Room, we brought back our most prolific fiber artists and perennial booth favorites, Angela Rogers and Alyson Vega.

Come on Home

January 15, 2021

For this Winter exhibition, the curators were excited to see what the artists of Fountain House Gallery paid particular attention to in their homes and how they chose to render these objects and moods.

Let America Be America

September 24, 2020

Let America be America is a visual exploration of "we the people" inspired by the powerful poem LET AMERICA BE AMERICA AGAIN by Langston Hughes.

Fountain House Gallery's 20th Anniversary Exhibition

July 23, 2020

The 20th Anniversary Exhibition is a celebration of not only the resilience of the artists who live with mental illness but also a reflection on a city and people that have prospered through multiple crises.

Art in Quarantine

May 28, 2020

In this time of crisis and isolation, art and creativity has become central to our lives.


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