Small Works: $100 and Under

November 19, 2020

For the 2020 Small Works show, the artists of Fountain House Gallery have created more than 200 original pieces sized at 6 by 6 inches or smaller, which can be purchased and make perfect Holiday gifts!

Let America Be America

September 24, 2020

Let America be America is a visual exploration of "we the people" inspired by the powerful poem LET AMERICA BE AMERICA AGAIN by Langston Hughes.

Fountain House Gallery's 20th Anniversary Exhibition

July 23, 2020

The 20th Anniversary Exhibition is a celebration of not only the resilience of the artists who live with mental illness but also a reflection on a city and people that have prospered through multiple crises.

Art in Quarantine

May 28, 2020

In this time of crisis and isolation, art and creativity has become central to our lives.

Artists Looking at Art

February 27, 2020

Artists find inspiration from a variety of sources, including the work of fellow artists.

Outsider Art Fair 2020

January 16, 2020

Stop by our booth and enjoy the works of 7 Fountain House Gallery artists from January 16-19, 2020!

We See You

January 9, 2020

Original photographs that express and illustrate what Fountain House, Fountain House Gallery, and the surrounding neighborhood means to its members. Curated by Frank Maresca.

Small Works: $100 and Under

October 31, 2019

For this annual exhibition, on view through December 20, the artists of Fountain House Gallery created more than 400 pieces sized at 6 by 6 inches or less.

Heavy Sauce

September 12, 2019

For this show, Fountain House Gallery artists were presented with a quotation by the artist Lee Lozano (1930–1999) as a starting point for a discussion about the physical, psychological, and sociological nature of New York City.

When the Music Starts: Jazz Drawings by Jonathan Glass

August 9, 2019

Artist Jonathan Glass has been a fixture of New York City jazz clubs for nearly two decades. Pen and ink in hand, he uses his vigorous line to portray a jazz show as it unfolds, capturing the rhythmic energy of the music as well as the distinctive persona of each performer.


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