May 23, 2013 to July 10, 2013

”In our tech-driven, mechanistic age we live knowingly in multiple realities. The personal, social, political, cultural, and cyber world has collapsed conventional notions of linear time and image transmission,” said Elyse Goldberg, Senior Director, James Cohan Gallery, New York. “We cast our reflections on the physical world and look to see what returns in the shadows. One has to focus, be curious, be fearless, to look, to make the unseen seen. The contemporary and historical artists in this show are an eclectic group, with diverse viewpoints and various modes for making art. In commonality, these artists share a curiosity with the unseen – creating works that raise questions about thought, vision, social and personal politics, and metaphysical states of mind or spectacle as they relate to the human condition.” 

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