Perchance to Dream

March 22, 2016 to May 18, 2016

Perchance to Dream is curated by artist and art collector Ronnie Wiener, founder of the Full Moon Arts Center in East Moriches, NY. The Center has made it possible for emerging artists, among them a number of Fountain House Gallery artists, to be in residence for short periods of time, affording them the opportunity to work in a large, naturally lighted space.

“The theme of Perchance to Dream grew out of my understanding of and willingness to explore my dreams – that part of my unconscious that speaks in ‘dream language’ – and apply it to my work,” said Wiener, whose work is included in this group exhibition. “Once I understood the dream to be a map or series of clues to greater understanding, I began to consider that part of myself essential to my artistic expression. I believe in the commonality of symbolic and mythic storytelling and consider it one of humanity’s great privileges to have the capacity to envision our inner lives. It is with this optimistic appreciation of life that the artists of Fountain House Gallery and I discussed their capacity to bring their inner world to the fine art form. Even in the nightmare, artists can liberate themselves and share a communication that is connective and inspiring.”

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