Navigating New York

May 14, 2015 to June 17, 2015

“For an artist, managing life in New York City happens on various levels – from the literal to the emotional – taxing even the most resilient among us in myriad ways,” said Rohlf, a Brooklyn-based contemporary artist who has shown his work across the U.S., and, among numerous noteworthy achievements, created an installation for the New York Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA). “From the subtle dance with fellow pedestrians to learning that your subway station stop is being bypassed, the obstacles encountered en route to even the simplest goals can prove daunting. Add to this the managing of a mental illness and the hurdles grow exponentially. Or do they? As I spend time with Fountain House Gallery member-artists, my sense is that we all have our bag of tricks to be invisibly deployed when needed. Looking at the work of these artists immediately conjures the urban experience; from the rivet-like repetition of Mendoza’s circular collage forms to Kadosh’s solitary subway map lines set against a void of negative space, the images convey the shared and insular zone we inhabit at the same moment. In choosing the Senft painting for the show postcard, my reaction to the work was, ‘I have been on that very train ride.’ Seeing Terese’s ‘I’m Chasing Rainbows’ gives us an insight into both the icon of a map pin and the variety of medications allowing that destination to be reached. It is my feeling that an inner quiet must be supported in order for one to last any length of time in New York, and Taylor’s ‘Tunnel’ painting speaks to that belief. Tuning out all but the essentials is key and maintaining a strong sense of self in the process is preferred.” 

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