In The House

March 12, 2015 to April 22, 2015

“Studio One is a community that aims to acknowledge, recognize, and celebrate the style of each artist, encourage its development, and support the artist in owning it and taking pride in it,” said Gormandy. “Each Fountain House artist brings an individual style to Studio One, where there is no ‘wrong’ way to make art. Learning about tools and materials is important, but what is extraordinary is the moment when an artist takes off from that. Many of these artists at Fountain House pick up a brush or a pencil – or utilize an unconventional material such as bubble wrap – from an impulse that is radically complex and subsequently expresses itself in a complex aesthetic. Such work seems to materialize from a place that magically transcends the artist’s medium.”

This exhibition features works from the Fountain House Studio One Program, which provides workshops, training, temporary space, and supplies to Fountain House members who wish to cultivate their artistic talents. Curated by Studio One participating artists and organized by volunteer Karen Gormandy, Studio One Coordinator. Studio One acts as a bridge between Fountain House Gallery and Fountain House, the Gallery’s parent organization, and is open to all Fountain House members, from seasoned artists to beginners. 

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