5: Come to Your Senses

March 6, 2014 to April 23, 2014

Among the works presented in “5: Come to Your Senses” are: Davida Adedjouma’s mixed-media Hidden en Plein Air (Spring/Summer), an extravaganza of fabrics and found objects made to be touched; Osvaldo Cruz’s marker-on-paper Mmm Good, a visual sampling of tasty treats; and Jonathan Glass’s pen-and-ink Philippe Duchemin Trio at Duc des Lombards, which calls forth the sounds of jazz musicians in live performance. Also in the exhibit is Ariella Kadosh’s Artswirl, a limited edition of 6 "sets" to be experienced through both scent and sight; each "set" comprises a bottle of essential oil complemented by two miniature paint-marker works on canvas. 

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