Susan Spangenberg

Susan is a self-taught, multidisciplinary artist. Raised in a severely dysfunctional family, which led to group homes and institutionalization during her teenage years, Susan cut her "Outsider Artist" teeth at Creedmoor Psychiatric Center’s renowned "Living Museum" art rehabilitation program. She was in the vanguard of the "Girl, Interrupted" female asylum artist wave that has in the past 20 years become the new normal, and has maintained the raw essence of that genre imbued with a 21st-century sensibility. Susan’s work is autobiographical, commenting on her experience in the mental health system as well as touching upon other relevant social issues. She frequently incorporates text and writing in her art, including messages from her late twin brother Robert. There are also elements of spiritual symbols from her East Indian ancestry, samples of her psychotropic medication, and hand-sewn fabric throughout her work. She works in small and large-scale formats encompassing textile, mixed media, painting, body prints, and dolls. Susan hopes to inspire generations of female artists to document their trauma, inequality, and identity and show how these realities have affected them –and to give female artists the freedom to speak out as she has.

Dreaming of Salinger
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