Keith Pavia

Keith’s work encompasses painting, drawing and installation. He holds a BFA from Pratt Institute, studied at the New York Studio School, and was the recipient of a Yale University summer painting fellowship. Says Keith, “I admire artists whose work reflects a willingness to explore unknown territory, as opposed to remaining confined within the parameters of that which has already been defined. I see the process of creation as an adventure that often carries risk; new and compelling discoveries can be the payoff for taking a chance.” Keith was named one of “10 Artists to Buy Now” in The Daily Beast’s coverage of the 2013 Outsider Art Fair.

Fountain Gallery showcased his work in the exhibition Osvaldo Cruz/Keith Pavia: New Works and in the four-person show Outsider?.


In my work I construct an imaginary world in which characters, words and symbols express an abstract narrative. This narrative is based on my personal experiences, and I also draw inspiration from sources such as Joseph Campbell, whose writing about universal archetypes in myths greatly interests me. I seek to create a vocabulary of archetypes representing psychological aspects of myself, and of the larger society. These characters appear in one work and often reappear in subsequent ones. Text is also important on a purely visual level: I love combining words and pictures. When a piece is successful, the abstract nature of the text mirrors the visual representation in a non-representational way. The writing need not make sense explicitly, but it must confirm disparate connections.

On the Way Home
Final Destination
Red Rider

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