Bryan Michael Greene

Bryan makes narratives about society and his place in that structure based on the materials around him. He weaves the iconography into a single image with multiple sources. These sources are song lyrics, movies, books, fine art, and social interactions in the real world. The image can range in meaning from a personal experience inspired from something in pop culture to ideas from exposure to something trending in US society.

Born in Bronxville, NY, 1973. Raised in Yonkers, NY. Attended School of Visual Arts, where he studied everything from Photography and Sculpture to Drawing and Painting, and for his MFA digital animation and digital painting. Currently Bryan is building a portfolio of digital paintings and abstract acrylic painting. In 2016 he joined Fountain House to help with his mental illness and has been a leader at Fountain House Gallery for the past 4 years.

Singing Flamingo
Divina Particula Aurae: The Divine Spirit in the Human Person
Landscape with Golden River

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