Anthony Ballard

The late Anthony Ballard executed his signature pen-and-ink drawings using a set of slightly broken Rapidograph pens purchased for 25 cents at a church flea market. He spent two years perfecting the facility that would enable him to create these striking works, which encompass erotic, geometric, and cartoon themes. In Anthony's series of erotic drawings, made in the 1980s, sexually charged imagery is counterbalanced by wit and observation of the humanity of which sexuality is but one captivating component. After completing the series of erotic drawings, Ballard abandoned the use of figures and moved on to abstracts, which defined his style through the mid-1990s. The medication prescribed for Anthony's schizoaffective disorder eventually caused hand tremors so severe that he could no longer summon the dexterity required to work with the unforgiving Rapidograph. For the remainder of his life, he focused on writing and performing poetry, and he explored making freehand paintings in oil pastel. Anthony's work was spotlighted in The New York Times coverage of the 2015 Independent Art Fair and the 2016 Outsider Art Fair. In 2015, a solo exhibition of his work was presented at White Columns.

September 18, 1980
Geometric II
August 19, 1980

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